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June 20th, 2018


I painted Loved because most people have experienced a sleepless night or a nightmare. Some may even suffer night terrors or sleep paralysis. If you dont your child may. Many nights I have shot up in the middle of a night from mini night time panic attacks and it is not a fun feeling. Sleep is important. Its more than just replenishing a tired mind, its about entering into peace. Its about feeling safe enough that you can rest knowing God is watching you. Its good to know when you wake up from a panic attack or night mare or night terrors that God is there and He is ready to comfort you. I have had some nightmares that caused me to think I would never feel God's presence again, that I was lost. The darkness of the dream eclipsed any light I knew. Thats why I named this painting Loved because I believe God wants us to know His comfort and for His love and comfort to create trust in our sleep. His love will protect our sleep. God wants more for us. He wants us to exchange those bad dreams for Holy dreams. To exchange the ashes of our nightmares for the beauty of dreams inspired by the Holy Spirit. Dreams that cause us to feel we have spent time with God. I read something by H. Norman Wright that said if you struggle with nightmares to begin to rewrite your nightmare before you go to bed. So if you have a child that drempt a monster ate the family you could rewrite the dream together saying when the monster came after him a giant angel came and blew up the monster. It may take sometime for the mind to develope a new mindset in your dreams
Its an area in my life I am learning to let God heal.